Saturday, December 31, 2016

Then and Now

If Fort Myers were in England it would still be in its infancy, but it's pretty old for southwest Florida. In our Historic River District there are quite a few buildings more than a hundred years old.  I like to photograph the old buildings, out of a sense of history as much as art.  This is a relatively new building, but it will be old some day.  It was built in about 1999 as the City Pier - a home for the Buquebus, a high speed catamaran shuttle to Key West.  The Buquebus never happened.  From 2008 to 2013 the building was the home of Art of The Olympians, established by the family of the late Al Oerter, artist and four-time discus gold medal winner.  Now it is the office of Allure, a luxury condo development yet to be built.  The Allure folks brought these large metal sculptures to the River District, about two dozen of them scattered about.  

Anyhow, here are two photographs of the City Pier, then and now.


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