Thursday, August 24, 2017


I received a phone call from an artist at the Tower Gallery on Sanibel.  She had seen a photo of mine at the All Florida Exhibit and asked if I'd be interested in joining their artist's co-op.  They had an opening for a photographer.  I would have to make a presentation to a jury.  I agreed to do it.  The chairman of the jury emailed me and said that they already have a black and white photographer.  She suggested that, to avoid being in competition with that photographer, I should show them color photographs.   So, I did.  I hurriedly had some color photos printed and  framed.  For my jury interview I took four black and white photographs (black and whites are what I have on hand) and five brand new in living color.  After an amiable, informal half hour, they told me they had several other artists to interview and that they would let me know within 24 hours.  Then they helped me load my photos back into the car.  24 hours went by.  No call.  48 hours.  Still nothing.  When it finally did come, I figured it was the consolation call. But no; They had interviewed another photographer and after long discussion and debate they had decided to ask both of us to join their gallery.  The jury chair stressed that this invitation was if I would show color photographs rather than my black and whites.  With some reticence, I agreed.  So, now I have about a week to build an inventory of color prints. 

These are the color photographs I took to Sanibel for my interview with the jury.

These are old photographs.  Two were made on film.  The most recent was made in 2009.  My self identity as a photographer, as The Photographist, is as a black and white photographer.  What have I gotten myself into?

© 2017 Buck Ward                       The Photographist                  

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I Do Tend to Repeat Myself

On a blustery morning a couple of weeks ago, I made these photographs at the Fort Myers Beach Pier.  

It wasn't until later, after I got home, that I realized how like a previous session this had been.

Take a look at this blog post from four years ago:  Like a Box of Chocolates

© 2017 Buck Ward                       The Photographist                  

Sunday, July 30, 2017


Two photographs of the same subject:  One exposure, before sunrise, is 13 seconds.  The other exposure, made 13 minutes later, after sunrise, is 1/13 second.   

Both were made using a hard edge Graduated Neutral Density filter. The first also employed a full Neutral Density filter.

© 2017 Buck Ward                       The Photographist                  

Sunday, March 12, 2017

2278, Before and After

Or, continuing the theme of the previous post

Several years ago I had an exhibit in a photographic gallery downtown.  The curator was reluctant to show my work because he knew I did nature stuff.  He stressed he was geared more towards gritty urban photos.  The black and white photos I ultimately showed in his gallery weren't particularly gritty, but they were urban.  They didn't sell, and now that gallery is no more.  I don't think I was responsible for its demise.  But, one never knows, does one.

So, here is one of my very few gritty urban photographs.  (Not one I showed in that gallery)  I made the photograph above in 2009.  The backside of 2278 First Street was definitely gritty.  Now that our downtown, promoted as The River District, is gentrifying, things are getting spruced up.  2278 is now a happenin' bar and restaurant, with apartments upstairs.  The photo below was made in 2017.  It's all spiffed up.  If you want gritty, the older one is gritty.

© 2017 Buck Ward                       The Photographist