Sunday, December 1, 2019

Somewhat Later On

So... To pick up where I left off,  I've been at Tower Gallery now for a little more than two years.  I get to show my black and white photographs there now, but there is at least some dissension.  Why haven't I done this blog in all that time?  Well... I dunno.  Maybe artistic malaise, creative entropy?  My muse is away.  It isn't that I haven't been making photographs, I have.  And some aren't too shabby.  Maybe I just haven't been excited about them enough to boast.  When photography was a hobby for me I enjoyed going around making photographs just for the fun of it, but it's an expensive hobby.  When it started to pay for itself, my motivations shifted.  Eventually, lately, finally, I've gotten to where I don't worry so much about whether or not the photographs I make will sell.  I've started again seeing photographs just for me, just like back when it was just a hobby.
As the cars crossed the bridge, their headlights reflected in the water.  They appeared to flicker as they passed behind the guardrail supports and the flickers are visible in the water.

I made this picture this morning.  It's certainly not a knock-your-socks-off image, is it?  But this is what I see.  This is one of the places I know.  I have no idea if I will keep this blog going or not.  I kinda hope so.  It may become more occasional than it was in the past, before it stopped.  We'll see.

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