Sunday, March 12, 2017

2278, Before and After

Or, continuing the theme of the previous post

Several years ago I had an exhibit in a photographic gallery downtown.  The curator was reluctant to show my work because he knew I did nature stuff.  He stressed he was geared more towards gritty urban photos.  The black and white photos I ultimately showed in his gallery weren't particularly gritty, but they were urban.  They didn't sell, and now that gallery is no more.  I don't think I was responsible for its demise.  But, one never knows, does one.

So, here is one of my very few gritty urban photographs.  (Not one I showed in that gallery)  I made the photograph above in 2009.  The backside of 2278 First Street was definitely gritty.  Now that our downtown, promoted as The River District, is gentrifying, things are getting spruced up.  2278 is now a happenin' bar and restaurant, with apartments upstairs.  The photo below was made in 2017.  It's all spiffed up.  If you want gritty, the older one is gritty.

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  1. Both are interesting photos... a little hard to see them as the same place!
    I think the gallery's demise was related to their gritty content...interesting to ponder, but not on MY wall!
    - rws

  2. Not sure how I managed to miss this post. I prefer the older, gritty version.

    I doubt your photos led to the demise of the gallery, but as you said, "one never knows, does one."

    Just joking, your photos are too good to be responsible for the gallery's closing.