Sunday, May 22, 2016

Fire on the Presli Jo

I saw the smoke, a black plume in the early morning twilight. It was at the yacht basin. When I got there, I could see flames, but there were no fire trucks around. A big yacht horn sounded, loud and long. I called 911 on my cell phone. They didn't answer and then a cop car drove up. I hung up and took a picture (above) with my phone. Another cop car drove up. I was going back to my car to get my camera. The cop parked behind me told me to go away, so I moved the car. Still no fire trucks.


I got my camera and telephoto lens out of the car and found a place where I could see the fire. It was a small sailing yacht, fully engulfed in flames. 


Finally I heard the siren of a fire truck, and I saw the red lights. The fire burned. I couldn't see any fire fighters and the fire seemed to go on and on. After a while I saw a stream of water from behind another yacht. It was like a garden hose but it did seem to reduce the size of the flames. Then the water stopped for a while, then started again more vigorously. Pretty quickly, the flames went out. 


I shifted my position and I could see a small crowd of fire fighters and other people on the dock. One was holding a hose, spraying the ill-fated sailboat, which was still steaming. Then a fire boat came and slowly towed the burnt yacht out from among the other berthed yachts and out into the river, to the outer dock. I could see the name, the Presli Jo. 


By this time, the sun was coming up and I went on my way, like the cop had told me to do.

© 2016 Buck Ward                        The Photographist                  


  1. Nice photo journalism, Buck. How sad for the Presli Jo.
    Wonder how it started...and where were her owners? Burning questions!

  2. Glad to see that you can post comments again without having to remain anonymous, not that I've given you much opportunity lately. I also had that problem when trying to post a comment on a blog.

  3. I love what you're doing on your site. I was on the Goodreads forum for 50 Books to Read Before You Die and saw your link. I like the way you tell a story using photos. I never thought to do this for my own site. I've been taking photos for years, but never thought to use them to tell a story, just to complement the story. Nice work.


  4. Thanks, Michelle. It is a photographic blog after all. You know the saying about a thousand words.

    I listed this blog in that topic in the Goodreads 50 Books group (a good while back, I think), even though it's not a literary blog, and most of the others are. Shameless self promotion. Glad I got your attention. :)