Sunday, July 21, 2013

Like a Box of Chocolates

On my way to the beach I saw lightning in the predawn darkness. It gave me ambitious photographic thoughts. But by the time I arrived, the lightning excitement was over, with only a few distant flashes in the clouds out over the Gulf. 

The thunder had quieted, but the clouds promised me they would be magnificent. When the sun lights them up, I mused, there will be great drama.  But as the morning grew lighter, the thunderheads drifted away and began to dissipate, without a glance over their shoulders to me and my expectations.

When the sun cleared the horizon behind me, it painted the sky with golden light for a few brief moments. And then, as the glorious glow faded, a rainbow gradually arched across the sky.

Forrest Gump reminded us that you never know what you're going to get.

© 2013 Buck Ward                        The Photographist                    


  1. Life may be like a box a chocolate, but your landscape photography is not. We know that we will always get a beautiful photograph.

    Nice job on all of them. I can't chose a favorite.

  2. I just love the colors in the first one of this series. Just beautiful.

  3. Thank you Celia.

    The colors of darkness, revealed by a long exposure. The pier was lit by lights on the shore and the sky was lit by the violet lightning.