Saturday, July 28, 2012

More Birthday Posters

Last year I made a poster for Mary Margaret's birthday. So this year I made posters for her sisters, Caroline and Ellie, commissioned by their mother.

The girls did various poses in the studio. The posters had to match the d├ęcor of their rooms.  Mom picked the color schemes and selected the poses. The background of Ellie's poster is actually a photograph of a pillowcase she had brought with her.  It was difficult to separate her pink silhouette and lettering from elements of the pillowcase background, but finally, a thin drop shadow did the trick.

Caroline's background was tricky, too. She needed pink zebra stripes. I worked hard to retain her reflection on the studio floor so it makes it appear that she is sitting on the pattern instead of floating in front of it.  The striped pattern is actually a double mirroring. Placing the horizontal mirror line at the axis of her legs gives the serendipitous illusion that the pattern bends up behind her.

The 24”x36” posters were delivered in time for Caroline's seventh birthday.   The Olympics going on in London right now reminds me that the AIGY in Ellie's poster is for Aiken (SC) Gymnastics, whose owner competed with Nadia Comaneci in the Olympics in Montreal in 1976. 

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